Get acquainted with debt relief
Zuidweg & Partners

Are you an entrepreneur with (serious) financial problems? Is it uncertain whether you can continue with your company or have you already stopped? Then we can help you.

Zuidweg & Partners has been the leading organization in the field of debt counseling for entrepreneurs since 1994. We do this by providing insight into the problems and offering tailor-made solutions. As a result, we have already assisted more than 36.000 entrepreneurs. By calling in Zuidweg Schuldhulp, a financially healthy future is again within reach.

How do I know I need debt counseling?

We distinguish two situations in our debt counseling:

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I want to STOP my business

  • If you are in arrears with your suppliers
  • If you are behind in paying your private fixed costs, such as your rent and energy
  • If your accounting is out of order and you don't have the money to fix it quickly
  • If you have a backlog with the tax authorities
  • If you keep getting mail from debt collection agenciesen bailiffs
  • If your creditors threaten to file for bankruptcy


What can we do for you?

  • We provide immediate assistance.
  • You will be assisted from start to finish by our expert team of advisers.
  • If you request debt counseling, you don't have to bankruptcyto request.
  • We help you organize your accounts and make declarations via our Help with Accounting Foundation or other accompanying assistance.
  • We offer every entrepreneur with financial problems a perspective

I want to CONTINUE with my company

  • If you see the turnover of your company fall and the costs cannot adjust quickly enough
  • If your application for funding has been rejected
  • If you are in arrears with the Tax Authorities or other creditors
  • If you keep getting mail from debt collection agenciesen bailiffs
  • If your creditors threaten to file for bankruptcy


How does Zuidweg Schuldhulp work?

  • During a conversation we look at your situation and make a plan how we can solve the problems.
  • We ensure that you get rest. We will contact your creditors and help you get a financial overview.
  • We request the amount of your debts from your creditors and calculate what you can pay them.
  • We will make a payment proposal to your creditors.
  • Through our independent mediation, you maintain your business relationships and keep control of your company.

What are the costs for debt counseling?

The costs for our guidance are often reimbursed by municipalities. We work together with 133 municipalities in the Netherlands. So there is a good chance that you live in a municipality that will reimburse the costs for you. If you live in a municipality with which we do not yet collaborate, we will look for a solution together with you.


Debt counseling for employees

For all kinds of reasons, a good and reliable employee can get into financial trouble. Often there are private circumstances such as a divorce or difficulties in the sale of a house, but a too high standard of living or sloppy financial administration can also be the cause. Suddenly you are confronted with wages, requests for an advance on the salary, reduced productivity and so on. It affects your company unnoticed.

Zuidweg & Partners mediates in debt problems of entrepreneurs and employees. As an independent mediator, we try to limit the damage for all involved and find a (financially) feasible solution to the problems. Are you willing to support your employee? Then refer the person to our debt counselors and experience for yourself that your employee performs better without money worries.

Would you like more information about your employee's financial recovery options? Please contact us on (035) 538 53 50 or go to