Complaints procedure Zuidweg & Partners BV

For Zuidweg & Partners BV, the quality of the service comes first. You can therefore assume that our employees will try to help you as well as possible. Nevertheless, it may happen that the assistance provided does not meet your expectations, you are not satisfied with the contact with our employees and so on. Even if you are not satisfied with the help we offer, you will find a listening ear with us. We take every complaint seriously. If you have a complaint, there are the following options:

Step 1

First try to consult with the employee in question, your regular contact person. The best way to resolve a complaint is to work it out together. If this does not work, discuss your complaint with his or her manager. He or she will work with you to find a solution. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, you can send your complaint by letter or e-mail ( to the director of Zuidweg & Partners BV, please state your file number.

You will receive a written answer within 3 weeks containing:

  • A summary of your complaint
  • The findings from the investigation into your complaint
  • Our conclusion about your complaint
  • Any steps we take in response to your complaint

Step 2

After you have communicated with the director of Zuidweg & Partners BV, it may nevertheless happen that you are of the opinion that your complaint has not yet been handled satisfactorily. You can then choose to file your complaint with the municipality that hired us. This municipality can make use of an ombudsman. You can ask us or the relevant municipality where you need to be and which procedure you need to follow. The latter applies if you are an entrepreneur or ex-entrepreneur.

How long does it take to process your complaint?

Your complaint will of course be resolved the fastest if it can be handled within our organization. You can expect an answer within three weeks after you have submitted your complaint in writing to the director.

If you file your complaint with your municipality or the ombudsman of your municipality, you can inform this authority within which term they should handle your complaint.

Are there costs associated with a complaint?

There are no costs associated with the internal complaints procedure (at Zuidweg & Partners BV), unless you engage a third party to investigate the complaint. A municipality or ombudsman does not usually charge any costs either.