Dear entrepreneur,

Such challenging times for all of us and also for you as an entrepreneur. We would like to inform you about what you can do in the event of (acute) financial problems:

Welcome to Zuidweg & Partners, Debt relief, Debt relief, Debt rescheduling, Business recovery, Hilversum, Drachten

I am Jacqueline Zuidweg, founder and director of Zuidweg & Partners. As an experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneur, I know that doing business means so much more than just making money. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, determining your own course and realizing your dreams.

You probably started with a dream, but maybe it hasn't come true yet. It may even be that you have financial problems and you are not sure whether you can continue or should stop with your business. You are certainly not alone in this. Around 50% of all self-employed people stop working within four years. The financial failure of entrepreneurs is a taboo in the Netherlands.

This, while you learn the most from your mistakes. The consequence of this taboo is that entrepreneurs who run into financial problems ask for help too late. It can even lead to bankruptcy.

The mission of Zuidweg & Partners is therefore to break the taboo on financial failure and to assist entrepreneurs quickly and professionally. We work nationwide and have helped nearly 1994 entrepreneurs since 37.000.

Are you an entrepreneur in heavy weather? Then take it Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Jacqueline Zuidweg, director Zuidweg & Partners, Debt relief, Debt relief, Business recovery, Hilversum, Drachten

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