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Are you an entrepreneur with financial problems? Is it uncertain whether you can continue with your company or have you already stopped? Then we can help you.

Zuidweg Help with Bookkeeping helps entrepreneurs and former entrepreneurs with financial problems who are clients of Zuidweg & Partners, with their accounting and budgeting.

Dear entrepreneur,

What challenging times for all of us and also for you as an entrepreneur. We would like to inform you about what you can do in case of (acute) financial problems.

  • Most important up-to-date information can be found at the so-called. Corona desk of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • There are also there all arrangements well explained.
  • There is also possible excellentl be asked for payment of taxes. More information. As an entrepreneur you have to file a declaration and then wait for the assessment. Only then can you request deferment of payment.

As an entrepreneur you have to file a declaration and then wait for the assessment. Only then can you request deferment of payment.

If you have a debt settlement with Zuidweg & Partners and you reserve your payment capacity on behalf of your creditors, we would like to share the following with you: Should you experience an income decline as a result of the Corona crisis and are no longer able to to make reservations for your creditors, we would like to hear from you in writing (preferably by email). In view of the current special situation, the reservation obligation can be temporarily suspended. Please note that during the re-check that takes place at a later time, it will be checked whether the reservation obligation has been rightly suspended. Should this not be the case, the term of the debt settlement could be extended.

I wish you a lot of health and strength!

Jacqueline Zuidweg, Zuidweg & Partners, Debt relief, Debt relief, Debt restructuring, Business recovery, Fortress Hilversum
Welcome to Zuidweg & Partners, Debt relief, Debt relief, Debt restructuring, Business recovery, Hilversum, Drachten

I am Jacqueline Zuidweg, founder and director of Zuidweg & Partners. As an experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneur, I know that entrepreneurship means so much more than just making money. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, determining your own course and realizing your dreams. You must have started with a dream, but it may not have come true yet. You may even have financial problems and you are unsure whether you can continue with your company or whether you should stop. You are certainly not alone in this. Around 50% of all freelancers quit within four years. There is a taboo in the Netherlands about the financial failure of entrepreneurs. This, while you learn the most from your mistakes. The consequence of this taboo is that entrepreneurs in financial difficulties ask for help too late. It can even lead to bankruptcy.

The mission of Zuidweg & Partners is therefore to break the taboo on financial failure and to assist entrepreneurs quickly and professionally. We work nationally and have helped about 1994 entrepreneurs since 34.000.

Are you an entrepreneur in heavy weather? Then take it Contact us, we are happy to help you.

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Doing a webinar in times of crisis
On April 14, 2020, Centraal Beheer organized a webinar about entrepreneurship in times of crisis. Ralph van Dam (Centraal Beheer), Jacqueline Zuidweg (MKBDoorgang.nl), Jeroen Koster (MKBDoorgang.nl) and Kees de Jong (nlgroeit) discussed this and gave practical information and tips. Watch the webinar.

Money plan ZZP

As a self-employed person you have to deal with variable income and fixed expenses. It is therefore good to keep your money matters in balance.

Do you want to know how to arrange this properly? Then enter the ZZP money plan. This money plan is an online step-by-step plan that allows you to visualize your money matters anonymously, systematically and purposefully.

In 5 to 10 minutes you answer questions about your company, living situation, administration, income situation and reserves. Based on this, you can see which financial risks you run and which actions you can take. This way you avoid getting into trouble and you increase the chance of success.

Go to it money plan self-employed

ZZP Money Plan Zuidweg & Partners

Chamber of Commerce Guide for corporate finance

The Chamber of Commerce Guide for Business Financing helps entrepreneurs find money. There is a lot to choose from in a moving market. Which form of financing best suits the situation of the entrepreneur? What does a financier pay attention to? The guide is an online publication that explains in a few steps what you can do as an entrepreneur to increase the chance of financing.

View the here Chamber of Commerce Guide for corporate finance.

The Entrepreneur Money Book is out!

The Money Book has been compiled by the Chamber of Commerce and this year Zuidweg & Partners once again contributed to the drafting. New in this edition are chapters on pensions, insurance and credit registration.

Download in English here your free copy!

Boost Talk Corona

Because many freelancers got into trouble due to the Corona crisis, WSP Noordoost Brabant recorded 6 videos. They interviewed professionals and organizations that support freelancers and advise them during this difficult time. The videos provide tips and tricks to get your company through the crisis as well as possible. Watch the videos.

Self-employed counter Flevoland

The Flevoland Self-Employed Counter has taken measures to process applications for financial support from entrepreneurs more quickly. Read more

What is debt restructuring?

What do our customers say?

Mike Emmelkamp

Mike Emmelkamp

"I can only say that it has been a pleasant cooperation with a team of skilled people who really go for it to the end!"

Marouscha Verburg

“Zuidweg & Partners have always believed in me and have assisted me at all times. I got a new opportunity that I took with both hands. ”

Marco Dijkhuis

Marco Dijkhuis

“After more than two years, I can now say that things are going well again. But I am sure I would not have succeeded without the help of Zuidweg & Partners! ”