Zuidweg & Partners is the expert in the field of debt counseling for entrepreneurs and former entrepreneurs. We introduced this service in 1994 in the Netherlands. This is based on the belief that citizens who are entrepreneurs should also be helped with their debts. Since our establishment, we have been continuously innovating, adapting, expanding and improving our services. We have been leading the way since 1994.

We are active nationally, in collaboration with a large number of municipalities, and have now assisted almost 40.000 entrepreneurs. Our mission is to break the taboo on financial failure and to assist entrepreneurs professionally and respectfully and to realize a financially sustainable future.

Thanks to our efforts, more than 65% of the entrepreneurs can make a new start. We ensure that the entrepreneur can continue to provide for his own income and thus prevent recourse to municipal or government facilities

If a company is not viable, we will ensure a sustainable debt solution, based on the principle that the former entrepreneur will continue to provide for his own income through paid employment.

Zuidweg & Partners works independently and strives for the highest achievable result for all parties involved. As a result, creditors and chain partners, such as social workers, work efficiently with us and this increases the chance of a sustainable solution of the debts. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are well acquainted with the social card. This allows us to:

  • Switch quickly and take action in urgent cases
  • Handle very short lead times
  • Apply knowledge from various districts of courts
  • Maintaining the national and regional (political) network

The (legal) complexity of debt counseling for entrepreneurs is one of the most important reasons for many municipalities and entrepreneurs to engage Zuidweg & Partners. Our experience with the working methods of creditors and courts and our knowledge of legislation and regulations mean that we can take that extra step. Every entrepreneur requires customization and we have the right expertise to realize the appropriate solution together with the entrepreneur.

Specific knowledge and experience:

  • Thorough knowledge of insolvency law
  • Extensive experience and expertise at court hearings (compulsory agreements, moratoria, etc.)
  • Specific knowledge of corporate law aspects, including:
    • bank loans with collateral, such as pledge and mortgage
    • supplier credit with retention of title
    • tax administration claims (ex-officio assessments)
    • delinquent premium claims of the business association
    • accounting problems (debts to accountant)
    • settlement of lease contracts
    • problems with the termination of the lease of the commercial property
    • finding financing for the debt settlement
    • read annual accounts
    • corporate problems
  • Holding structures and BVs
  •  Many seizure and execution problems
  •  Bankruptcy filings
  •  Disputed claims
  • Guarantees and recourse claims
  • Settlement agreements in case of retirement from a vof or divorce / maintenance
  • Settlement of tax aspects of remediation, including the assessment resulting from the remediation ex 29, paragraph 2, Turnover Tax Act

In addition, Zuidweg & Partners offers:

  • A thorough financial and structural analysis of the situation
  • Read along with the BBZ report to test the feasibility of remediation
  • Good knowledge of the social card and income provisions
  • A fully-fledged discussion partner for the entrepreneur
  • Customization; the entrepreneur's problem and its solution are central
  • The possibility for a very reduced rate to use an accountant to put the accounting documents in order
  • The entrepreneur rests by creating a breather
  • Impartial mediation in the interest of all parties, both debtor, creditor and third parties
  • Perspective and motivation for the debtor
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