Meet Zuidweg Help With Accounting

Zuidweg Help at Bookkeeping helps entrepreneurs and ex-entrepreneurs with financial problems who are customers of Zuidweg & Partners with their accounting and budgeting (previously the work was carried out by Stichting Hulp bij Boekhoud).

What is Zuidweg Help with Accounting?

Who is it for Zuidweg Help with Accounting?

For entrepreneurs or ex-entrepreneurs with a problematic debt situation and being a customer at Zuidweg & Partners and those

  • need help organizing the accounts
  • need help filing returns or preparing the financial statements
  • Are looking for budget guidance or budget management

Our goal

Entrepreneurs and ex-entrepreneurs with financial problems often have a backlog in accounting. It can also happen that the relationship with your own accountant is no longer good or even broken. Precisely if a solution is required for debts, it is necessary that the accounts are brought in order, declarations are submitted to the Tax and Customs Administration and insight into the figures is obtained. SHBB is at a low cost for customers of Zuidweg & Partners.

Which products are offered?

  • Organize accounting
  • Filing tax returns
  • Provide insight into the figures
  • Budget support
  • Budget management

How works Zuidweg Help with Accounting?

We work together with independent administrative and accounting offices and budget coaches who carry out the work. We engage the party that can best help you. Together with you it is determined what is needed and then a quotation is issued.


We look forward to hearing from you! Send an email to or call us on (035) 538 53 50.