Debt counseling courses

Welcome to Zuidweg Opleidingen, your knowledge partner for debt counseling. We are happy to share our years of knowledge and experience with you as a professional. Below you can see a selection of our courses. If you have specific wishes, let us know, and we are happy to offer you customized training or coaching.

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We offer four courses:

Entrepreneur with debts & moving on

For use in: implementers at municipalities

Duration: 1 day

In this one-day course we take you into the application for a debt settlement from an entrepreneur. We indicate what you should pay attention to during an intake, what information is needed to arrive at a good plan of action. We will discuss the conditions of a BBZ credit and what alternatives there are if there is no credit option. We also explain how to read financial statements and how a profit and loss account is structured. We explain what is important to check with the tax authorities. We also give some examples of the viability of a company and what to pay attention to in order to arrive at a general settlement of the debts.

Entrepreneur with debts & quitting

For use in: implementers at municipalities

Duration: 1 day

In this one-day course, we will take you through the application for a debt settlement from an entrepreneur who has stopped or has yet to stop due to financial problems. We indicate what you need to remember to ensure that all activities are terminated correctly, what steps are required before you can start settling your debts. For example, we give tips to get the accounts in order, we explain the possibilities for the ex-entrepreneur to earn a living now that there is no more income from the company. We will briefly consider the settlement of security rights such as pledge and lien. We also give a number of examples of successful debt settlements and the hurdles that the former entrepreneur had to overcome.

Organizing debt counseling to entrepreneurs (SHVO)

For use in: policymakers at municipalities

Duration: 1 part of the day

In this half-day course, we indicate what a municipality can offer to support an entrepreneur with debts. We indicate the frameworks from the Municipal Debt Assistance Act and the NVVK debt assistance for entrepreneurs module (SHVO). On the basis of practical examples, we illustrate which minimum and maximum possibilities a municipality can offer to support entrepreneurs in difficult weather. We explain both the possibilities for the entrepreneur who wants to make a restart, and the entrepreneur who decides to quit his company.

Coaching on the Job

For use in: debt counseling professionals

Duration: in consultation