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News from the media

KVK Live Advice Days Nov '21: Stop or Continue with Jacqueline Zuidweg

Stop or continue? During the KVK Live Advice Days (November 2021), the Chamber of Commerce, together with a number of organizations and entrepreneurs, offered online advice, information and inspiration for four days. Each day a different theme was central and the focus was on what is happening now, is possible and allowed. Jacqueline Zuidweg was one of the advisory…


Financially vulnerable

Online platform meeting Money Wise #Financially Vulnerable

Money Wise online platform meeting #Financially Vulnerable On 26 May, the theme #Financially Vulnerable in a new (economic) reality was central during the Money Wise Online platform meeting. Which groups were already financially vulnerable to the corona crisis and who have joined it? What needs to be done to increase the financial resilience of these groups? And…


Doing a webinar in times of crisis

Webinar: Looking back at business in times of crisis

Webinar: Looking back at business in times of crisis On 14 April 2020, Centraal Beheer organized a webinar about entrepreneurship in times of crisis. Ralph van Dam (Centraal Beheer), Jacqueline Zuidweg (MKBDoorgang.nl), Jeroen Koster (MKBDoorgang.nl) and Kees de Jong (nlgroeit) discussed this and gave practical information and tips. Watch the webinar.


Corona Zuidweg & Partners

Corona stress companies: 'Marriages on the death'

Corona stress companies: 'Marriages will die' Entrepreneurs have their hands in their hair now that they have had to close the doors of their company in one go. From the café owner on the corner to the self-employed person who gives tennis lessons. How will my company continue, can I pay back that loan and what if ...


Government often leaves self-employed people in need of money in the cold

The Dutch government is abandoning self-employed people with debts. Due to flaws in debt assistance for entrepreneurs, a significant proportion of self-employed people in need of money do not receive debt assistance. While the law prescribes that municipalities must help residents in financial need. Read more.

Documentary Schone Schijn

KRO-NCRV 2Doc: Schone Schijn November 12, 21.00 p.m. NPO2 In the Netherlands, more than 350.000 independent entrepreneurs are in financial trouble. They prefer not to disclose their dire circumstances. After all, closing the next business deal depends on a successful image. KRO-NCRV 2Doc Schone Schijn portrays independent entrepreneur Serge (45) who has debts of more ...


Walk-in consultation hours Amsterdam, Zuidweg & Partners, Chamber of Commerce, De Ruijterkade 5, every Friday from 9.00:10.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX

Walk-in office hours Amsterdam

Entrepreneurs from Amsterdam who are in financial difficulties can now go to the weekly consultation hours of Zuidweg & Partners. In a confidential conversation we look at the situation together with the entrepreneur ...


Jacqueline Zuidweg at RTL Z Money Talks

On Friday, September 23, Jacqueline Zuidweg appeared as a guest on RTL Z “Money Talks”. She was invited as an expert in the field of bankruptcies and will discuss this with presenter Eilianne Kuepers. One of…