Tips for effective cash flow management

Cash flow management is an essential aspect of any successful business, regardless of size or industry. Good cash flow ensures that your business always has sufficient liquidity to fund daily operations and meet unexpected expenses. Here are some practical tips to manage your cash flow effectively: Create a detailed cash flow forecast A cash flow forecast…

A day in the Radio Factory
by Jaco Bal

"Daddy, what are you going to do?" "You know that right?" I say back to Daphne, my youngest 11 year old daughter. “No, actually not…, don't you do something on the internet?” She asks curiously. “Well Daphne!”, Especially for you, here is a short report of a random day in the Radio Factory.

Franchise: stronger together!
by Ralph Markwat

My father founded our organization in 1994. A franchise formula for cafeteria companies; originated from his own extremely successful cafeteria. Entrepreneurs were curious about his success, its origins and were eager to board his new organization. His slogan could be “From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs”.